Campaign Urging Attorney General DeWine Not to Appeal Judge’s Ruling


Ohio's Attorney General said he will appeal a ruling striking down part of Ohio's ban on gay marriage, but some are taking to social media, telling Mike DeWine to stand down.

Facebook and Twitter pages are buzzing, urging DeWine not to appeal a federal judge's ruling, which would strike down part of Ohio's ban on recognizing gay marriages.

Stephen Snyder-Hill said, “This is a step; this is saying please recognize us.”

It's been nearly three years since Stephen and Joshua Snyder-Hill were married in Washington D.C.  Today, their marriage is still not recognized in Ohio, but a Federal Judge is trying to change that.

One week ago, Judge Timothy Black issued a statement that he will strike down as unconstitutional Ohio's bans on recognizing same-sex marriages from other states.

Nearly almost as fast as the ruling was announced, Ohio's Attorney General announced plans to appeal.

Joshua Snyder-Hill said the appeal wasn’t unexpected. The couple says earlier this week they started the Facebook page “Stand Down Dewine.” It already has more than 500 likes. 

They say the purpose is simple.

“We asked strangers and friends, alike, gay, straight, transgender, allies, to take a picture holding (a sign), post it to Facebook, tag Mike DeWine, if they want, and try to make it go viral,” Joshua Snyder-Hill said.

We reached out to Mike DeWine's office for an interview Friday, but our request was declined. Instead an office spokesman sent us a statement that reads, in part: The definition of marriage lies with the states, and Ohio's voters are entitled to the choice they've made on this fundamental issue.

The Snyder-Hill’s don’t believe that’s the case.

“Our marriage is valid. It's valid in our hearts, valid in Washington D.C., valid in the military; come on Ohio. That's what this is about,” Snyder-Hill said.    

Judge Black is expected to issue his ruling Monday.

It's still not clear whether Black's decision would actually take effect during the appeal process or be put on hold.