Buses, Cars Have Trouble Dealing With Icy Columbus Roads

Buses, Cars Have Trouble Dealing With Icy Columbus Roads

Buses, Cars Have Trouble Dealing With Icy Columbus Roads

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Central Ohio buses have been having some rough mornings.

One accident on Tuesday occurred at the intersection of Dierker and West Case roads. In this area of North Columbus a Dublin school bus and a car collided. The driver suffered only minor injuries and fortunately there were not any kids on the bus.

However, in a different neighborhood there was a bus that became trapped on ice. This bus was carrying students.

10TV looked into numerous cases of slick pavement across the city that are causing damages, injuries, and headaches.

Kim Lee was trying to be careful on these icy conditions, however not everyone is using the same caution. Lee stated, “You know, I’m driving slow. It’s icy out here”. 

But now Kim Lee’s car is no longer tucked away in the nice parking spot she found in the morning. Lee found her car smashed on 12th street.

“This is just absolutely crazy,” she said.

10TV later found out that a car had lost control on the ice and bombarded parked vehicles.

Lee’s car is now shoved up into her yard and torn apart. She went on to say about her car, “Couldn’t even put a note on the car that said I’m sorry, nothing. They just keep it moving, they just keep going.”

Kim and her neighbor’s cars demonstrate the aftermath of the sleet and warmth meltdown. They are not the only ones struggling with this troublesome weather. Many school buses are also experiencing difficulty.

In East Columbus, a school bus was found moving cautiously. In the same neighborhood another bus spun its tires for more than an hour on 2 inches of thick ice. Neighbors of this wintry roadway are calling it a “car trap”.

Madaga Diouf, a resident of Kings Realm Ave, said, “A bus driver was stuck from 6am to 7:30, about one hour and a half. It was in front of my house”.

Another resident of the street, Natasha Price, saw the school bus finally get towed from the slick patch, only to be replaced by her husband’s car.

“My husband’s car pretty much got stuck in the snow. A couple of neighbors got out and helped him,” said Price.

Residents in this iced-over neighborhood say it will take more than just plows and salt. They are hoping the sun cooks their street.

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