Bus Suspect Shot By Police Yells Out In Court, Claims To Have Mental Illness

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A man accused in a police involved shooting yelled out in court on Tuesday morning.

Arsenio Rodriguez, 26, of Maryland, claims to have mental problems and says he has not been helped.

Around 11 a.m. on Monday, Rodriguez boarded a Megabus at the corner of 4th and Spring streets. He pointed a gun at the driver’s head and yelled at him to get off of the bus.

10TV obtained frantic 911 calls from the bus shooting on Monday morning.

Passengers called 911 during the incident.

   Caller: I see a cop right now pulling in.
   Dispatcher: Just stay where you are.
   Caller: (Expletive) shots fired!
   Dispatcher: Get down, get down. Stay down ma’am. Shots fired on the bus.

   Caller: Someone got shot. Someone got shot.
   Dispatcher: OK, Stay down. Stay down.

Police fired on Rodriguez who suffered minor injuries when the bullet struck the gun which shattered in his hand. The gun Rodriguez used in the assault turned out to be a airsoft (pellet) gun.

He was brought into court on Tuesday for a robbery charge. After his outburst, Rodriguez was removed from the courtroom.

Another passenger on the bus was struck by an officer’s bullet but was treated and released from the hospital.

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