Bus Driver Off The Job After Allegedly Threatening 8-Year-Old Student


A school bus driver is off the job after allegations he threatened a student so badly, he made the 8 year old sick.

"If he was standing up, and you know, and was not listening him, and yes, stop the bus and make him sit down. But don't scare the child to the point he was puking," says the boy's mother, Carla Knisely.
Knisely's 8-year-old son was riding home from school when she says the bus driver "snapped."

She says the driver told her child that if he had been his child, he would "bend him over his (expletive) knee and beat his (expletive)," she says.

The incident was reported to the sheriff's office. The report was originally filed as menacing, but the case was closed. The sheriff's department would not tell 10TV why that was done.

The bus driver turned in his resignation three days later.

He said he, “couldn’t perform well in a restricted environment."

"I understand he has issues, my son does have, he's hyper. But there was no reason for him to stop the bus that day. He was trading a toy for money," she says.

The bus driver lives on the same street as the child. 10TV went to his home for comment, but no one answered. The bus driver has been reprimanded before regarding his interaction with students on his bus.

In 2012, his personal record found he "cursed” at a student while on the bus. And in 2010, he was warned to, “be careful what you say and how you word it when talking to elementary students."

Knisely says she happy with district's swift action.

"There was no reason for him to stop the bus and do that," she says.