Bus Driver Accused Of Causing Fatal Distracted Driving Crash Found Guilty

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A jury has found a bus driver guilty for causing a fatal crash on Interstate 70 in Licking County.

Bus driver Tery Elzey was behind the wheel and accused of handling a phone before crashing into a pickup that was out of gas.

Video caught Elzey when he was behind the wheel.

"Elzey appears to have diverted his attention from the roadway to whatever he's doing here with his left hand," said attorney Jim Malek earlier this year.

That's when the bus slammed into the truck that was being pushed by the driver and his 15-year-old passenger.

The driver of the out-of-gas pickup truck, Chris Barthelmas, died at the scene. The teen who was also pushing suffered serious injuries and now has pins in his back.

On Wednesday, Elzey was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter. He could face up to 90 days in jail, $750 fine, and the loss of his license.

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