Burglars Targeting Chillicothe Homes, 6 Incidents This Week


Chillicothe Police are stepping up patrols and hunting for thieves after at least six burglaries in the past week.

Detectives say the thieves have targeted homes on the west side of the city, when they thought nobody was there. But early last Friday morning, those thieves got quite a surprise.

Orpha Wade was asleep at the time when she jumped into action.

"I haven’t told my age since I was 21,” said Wade.  “I decided it was time to stop."

Orpha is 94 years old, and it’s hard to put anything past this near centenarian, even someone trying to break into her home.

"All at once I heard a loud noise, like something hit the floor," she said.

It was a metal security bar - knocked loose by a burglar, kicking in her kitchen door.

"I reached out and all I had was a glass, and I just took the glass ‘cause I felt like something's better than nothing," she said. “And so I hollered, ‘Who's in there?’ And nobody answered, and I was out of bed in two minutes, and in the kitchen, and they were gone."

Police found two sets of shoe prints – one in the snow – and another separate print on the door...

Asked if she scared them off, Wade replied, "Well, let's hope so."

It turns out that Orpha Wade was not the only victim last Friday.  About two hours later, another home in the same neighborhood on Delano Avenue was hit by a burglar who smashed a kitchen window. Police say the homeowner heard a male's voice and then yelled for the person to get out.  Police say, thankfully, the burglar never made it inside, and was apparently scared off as well.

Wade’s son-in-law is fixing the security chain and reinforcing her kitchen door with a new dead bolt lock.

Orpha is thankful for the extra security and says she was never scared.

"I'm going to relax, because I don't see any sense in worrying,” Wade said.  “God's got me in his hand.  Why should I worry about it?"

Wade’s daughter is making plans to get her Mom a security system.

She's even thinking of getting a dog for extra protection.

In two of the other burglaries, witnesses got a vague description of the possible burglar or burglars...but no one is in custody yet.

If you have any information about these crimes, call Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers at 740-773-TIPS, that's 773-8477.

If you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call Chillicothe Police at (740) 773-1191.

Police don't know if there are one, two or more burglars – and how many are directly connected.

Police say the burglars are going in through a back door or window - sometimes during the day, other times at night.

Already, police say the burglars have stolen a rifle, computers, cameras and jewelry from three of the homes.

In Wade's case, they did not get anything - and thankfully, police say, nobody's been hurt.