Burglars Strike While Residents Sleep Near Ohio State Campus


In the past week, more than a dozen burglaries happened near The Ohio State University’s campus and thousands of dollars in items stolen.

Many of those burglaries happened as residents slept.

Kyle Fletcher and his roommates woke up to find their television and a laptop stolen.

This is the second time they’ve been targeted in two weeks.

“We were all here both times. Two weekends ago we had about 20 people in the house at the time. They were just in different rooms." said Fletcher.

Another student on north campus also had his laptop stolen.

"We lived on north campus for two years and never had any worries whatsoever. And then the first month we live over here and then somebody breaks in." said Kevin Horstman.

He believes the burglar came in through a door after climbing the fire escape.This makes him worry about what could happen.

“Especially since they came in through my room. I mean how do they know I wasn't in there sleeping." said Horstman.

Police dusted for fingerprints. So far they haven’t made any arrests.

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