Burglars Cut Hole In Roof of Columbus Store


At first, the owner of the Sunoco store on Alum Creek Drive wasn't sure how his store was broken into, until he looked up.

The owner said he found a hole in the roof where the crooks broke in around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning.
Surveillance video shows one of the burglary suspects casing the store and peering in through the front door.
From another camera, you can see a second suspect around the back of the building.
The suspects apparently cut wires, including ones for the store's alarm, before getting up on the roof.
"When (the owner) came to the register he found it broken," said store employee Mohammad Hayajneh. "And he looked up and he found the two holes in the ceiling."
Once inside, the burglars went for cigarettes; around $20,000 in all. They also took thousands of dollars in lottery tickets and even broke into an ATM.
The owner said when you add the loot that was stolen and the damage that was caused, it's worth about $60,000.
The owner said a crow bar and an electric saw were both found inside the store. He said police are looking for fingerprints.

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