Burglar Uses Garage Door Openers to Break Into West Columbus Homes

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Police are warning residents of one Columbus neighborhood to lock car doors and to not leave garage door openers in vehicles.

The warning comes after home invasion victim, Kenneth Vaughn, was attacked by a violent thief after he walked into find his kitchen ransacked.

Vaughn had first suspected the strange noises to be coming from his son.

"I said, 'Johnny Ray?' That's his name. I heard this strange voice come back and say, 'I'm asleep.' I was like that was too creepy."

He then grabbed a kitchen knife and crept downstairs, but was later struck by the suspect.

Vaughn was left with a gash on his head as he chased the suspect out of his home in an effort to protect his family.

"I'm just shocked someone would be that bold,” said Vaughn.

Police believe that the suspect is connected with several other burglaries on Powhatan, Brink, and Sullivant Avenues.

The suspect was arrested blocks way with stolen items on him.

Another victim, who asks to not be identified, says that the thief used the garage door opener from his truck to get into his garage. His dog and 9-year-old son heard the door opening.

"The little guy is our little hero for doing the right thing and coming to our bedroom instead of going out to investigate."

Residents found a trail of stolen items down their street. Detectives are now working to return bikes, cameras, jewelry.