Brown Urges Reid To Use 'Nuclear Option' To Force Cordray Vote

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Sen. Sherrod Brown is pushing a controversial senate rules change that would allow former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, among others, to receive an up-or-down vote on their executive branch nominations.

"For a presidential appointment, not a judge, just 51 votes, a majority, is the American way," Brown told 10TV. "There's been no complaint by Republicans about Richard Cordray.  The complaints are they don't like the consumer agency he's been heading."

Cordray has been serving as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since 2011.  A vote on his confirmation is scheduled for next week.

Republicans have put a filibuster on Cordray and other Obama appointees, forcing a 60-vote threshold for their confirmation rather than a simple majority of 51.

Reid accused GOP Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday with breaking his promises to consider Obama's executive branch nominations.

Not every Democratic senator agrees with Brown.  Some have expressed concern that if they change the rules, the minority Party in the senate will not be protected.

But Brown said that shouldn’t matter.

"Of course I'm willing to live with it," Brown said. "It ought to be a majority up-or-down vote just like other elections.  Mitch McConnell wants to continue this obstructionism blocking everything requiring a super majority."

Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, said Thursday that he spoke with Cordray Wednesday night.

For months, Portman has been working on a compromise between Republicans who want significant changes to the CFPB, and the administration.

White House spokesperson Amy Brundage tweeted a message Thursday night that indicated the president will not make concessions on the consumer bureau.

"We do NOT support R efforts to weaken @CFPB, the Sen has refused 2 confirm Cordray despite his qualifications & work 4 consumers," tweeted Brundage.

Cordray lost his bid for re-election as attorney general in 2010.  He told 10TV at the time that he would like to seek the Democratic nomination for governor in 2014.

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