Brown Surprised GOP Didn’t Consider Columbus For Convention


Sen. Sherrod Brown says he's surprised that the city of Columbus didn't make the first cut in the effort to land the 2016 Republican National Convention.

"I was surprised, frankly, I thought the Republicans would consider Columbus in a more serious way," said Brown.  "I listened to what Mayor Coleman said about the reasons why they sort of dissed the city of Columbus and central Ohio.  I'm still going to work on behalf of the city of Columbus and Cleveland, with the Democrats, to get the convention, I hope, in one of these two cities."

Eight cities bid to host the GOP convention. On Wednesday two cities, Columbus and Phoenix, were eliminated from consideration.

Experience Columbus is now preparing a bid for the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Mayor Michael Coleman is a Democrat and has led the city for 15 years.

Democrats in Cleveland have been attempting to land a convention for several election cycles.

"I think both Columbus and Cleveland bring something different to the table," said Brown.  "Each brings something really positive to the table and I compare both to Charlotte where the convention went four years ago.  We have a better arena, better transportation, better kind of everything."

Besides Coleman, the city has support from former Governor Ted Strickland.

"I think Columbus is the ideal location, quite frankly.  It's the center of the state of Ohio," said Strickland.  "It has all of the resources that is necessary.  It's a very inclusive city thanks to Mayor Coleman's leadership and the business community."