Brown Says White House Should Think Through ‘What-If’ Scenarios


Sen. Sherrod Brown from Ohio told 10TV that the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane shot down over Ukraine with 295 people onboard should have the Obama administration thinking through a response plan.

"The White House needs to think through the ‘what-if’ scenarios," said Brown.  "I don't think they should be discussed publicly.  I know I'll be hearing from intelligence and foreign policy advisors here tomorrow and the weekend about what options to follow.  I don't want to jump to conclusions because we just don't know."

Brown says the news stunned members of the U.S. Senate when they heard.

"A group of senators gathered in the cloakroom and looked pretty ashen looking at this, just because of what it could mean," said Brown.  "We don't know yet whether there were Americans onboard, the President is finding that out.  We don't know who did it or what they shot it down with.  It's pretty tragic and looks pretty serious."