Bridge Street Project Construction May Begin In November


An enormous development in Dublin took a step forward Monday night.  Developers of the Bridge Street Project presented plans to council and hope to break ground by November.
It's a huge undertaking.  A reported 300 million dollar plan.  It's been in the works for years, but ground may actually finally be broken by the end of the year.

"I think it's going to be great in the long run,"  said Mike Hush, owner of The Jewelry Refinery.
His shop is just over the bridge in Historic Dublin.  He's heard about the project.  Tonight, developer Crawford Hoying laid it out its part for city council.

"We invested millions to date, basically hiring the most qualified consultants to get this one right,"  said Nelson Yoder from Crawford Hoying.

The initial phase is two and a half million square feet.  A small part on the west side of the river will house condos, offices and restaurants.  The big part is on the east side.  Plans include nearly a dozen restaurants, offices, hotel and convention space, condos and apartments.  It will all be connected to Historic Dublin by a pedestrian bridge.

The project still has to go through the approval process, but they're hoping to break ground November first.  A lot of people in the city are excited, but others wonder about the impact.

"It scares me a little they're going to do this,"  said Hush.

Along with the development is a street project.   A roundabout will be put in at 161 and Riverside.  Riverside will be rerouted north of the intersection to make room for a park along the river.  Hush is hearing that means the bridge will be shut down for a period of time.

"I think it's going to slaughter the businesses around here,"  said Hush.  "That sign out front brings in about 80% of our business."

The city says nothing is definite yet and there's no intention to fully close the bridge during the improvements.  Right now, they're finalizing the plans for the roadwork, but aren't even certain when it will start.

The city says regardless of the proposed development, the roundabout will be put in.  The timing is still on hold partly because of an ODOT plan to do work at 270 and Route 3.  They don't want those two major projects going on at once.

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