Bridge Questions Remain Following Report Of Falling Concrete


Since the weekend, Mark Brickley has been putting pieces of broken concrete together like a jigsaw puzzle as he tries to prove what nearly took the lives of his wife, daughter and five of her friends.

"It's very clear there are seven broken pieces of concrete that were once one that fell on my wife's vehicle, shattered the windshield or splintered it if you will, I guess it came down in a vertical fashion the way the glass was ripped in two," said Brickley.
His daughter, 14-year-old Haley, was sitting in the front passenger seat.

"I just turned around and saw the glass shattered and pieces and everything, really weird because we never saw it coming or anything," said Haley.

Haley just got back from another trip to the doctor and showed where the concrete struck her.

"It's pretty bruised, it doesn't feel too good," she added.

Ohio Department of Transportation crews were back out at the U.S. Route 62 bridge again Monday night.

Earlier in the day, 10TV cameras captured a very evident jagged edge under the bridge.

"My mother gave me this several years ago when my children were young," said Angie Brickley.

Angie Brickley says her guardian angel was watching over her.

"I can truly say I needed it, it really guarded me Saturday night," she said. "We have a lot to be thankful for, I sure do, I'm always thankful for my family and friends but even more for this holiday.  It'll mean so much more after coming through an experience like this."

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