Bracelets For Cancer Fundraiser Stolen From Front Porch Of Home


A 17-year-old who is a star athlete and homecoming queen is fighting cancer. Her friends and family are helping raise money.

“My best friend is Sydney Hodge. She’s our homecoming queen. She’s only 17-years-old,” said friend Miranda Nash. “It sucks, because we're supposed to have the best senior year ever.”

“You never think anything is going to happen like that. When you're just like having fun, senior year and then you get awful news like that,” said friend Silas Pulliam.

Hodge’s friends said they have been rallying around her ever since they heard about the devastating diagnosis.

Since then, her mother has been scraping together every bit of money she can to pay for treatments.

Often, Hodge’s friends have helped out with creative ways to raise money, including making t-shirts and cutting hair.

“I want her to get better, and I know that she's strong. It's just,  I want her to know that she has support of our community and I feel she doesn't feel that way now, knowing someone would steal off her own porch,” said Nash.

Hodge’s mother had ordered a box of plastic bracelets to sell on her daughter’s behalf. She was going to sell them and raise $300.

“It kind of makes me sick. It's one thing to steal something from someone, but it's another thing to steal awareness bracelets from your classmate with cancer,” said Pulliam.

A neighbor saw the box on the porch in the evening, but by the time the mother got home, it was gone.

 “This is support for Sydney, to show her all the people who care about her,” said friend Dylan Fewster.

The bracelets may have been stolen, but their perseverance is not.

“It feels fantastic to know that people have embraced Sydney as much as I do,” said Hodge’s mother Carol Adkins.

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