Boys Calls Big Brother ‘Hero’ For Saving Him After He Caught Fire

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It was supposed to be a fun night of family time around a campfire earlier this week.

But that fun night turned dangerous, when the campfire burned an 11-year-old Linden boy.

"I was hurting really bad,” says Josiah Doughty, covered in bandages on Friday at Nationwide Children’s

The East Linden Elementary fifth grader is recovering from third-degree burns to his right arm, the side of his face and his ears in addition to several other burns across his body.

"I'm healing quick,” he said.

Doughty’s hospital room is filled with well wishes from family members and classmates.

It's a room that has become his temporary home because of what happened outside his real home Tuesday night.

"I was getting my 2-year-old ready for bed,” said Carrie Doughty, Josiah’s mother. “Next thing I know, Josiah comes running in, screaming, talking about, ‘Mom, help me. I was on fire.’”

Josiah says he and his family had been tossing papers and cans, including a can of air freshener, into their campfire, when that can burst, catching Josiah on fire – and forcing his older brother into action.

"I just got up and hugged him and shook him and fell to the ground,” says Tyrell Doughty.

The 17-year-old describes seeing his little brother badly burned as heartbreaking.

"I just wish it was me instead,” he said.

Carrie Doughty can't thank her older son enough for his quick-thinking.

"If it wasn't for him, who knows what could have happened,” she said.

And as Josiah counts the days until he can get back to living a normal life, he says the brother he has always looked up to is now his hero.

"I think he's the best brother in the world,” Josiah Doughty said.

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