Body Found Along Driveway In Madison County


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspicious death that occurred Sunday near Woods Opossums Run Road.

The Sheriff’s office says they received a call at approximately 11:30 a.m. reporting a body lying in a driveway in the southeastern portion of Madison County.

The body was identified at Bridget L. Blaney, 33, of Circleville.  According to police, she was last seen on November 9.

Detectives say Blaney was picked up by a friend in Circleville Saturday night. Her body was found 20 miles away on Sunday afternoon.

Her family says she was walking to a local gas station where she was meeting a friend to go out for the night.

Laurie Caudy says she'll never forget getting the call from Bridgette Blaney's mother.

"I used to babysit her, so I've been in her life for 33 years," said Caudy.

Caudy says Blaney was a recovering heroin addict, but friends say she had been clean for six months.

"She was really getting back her life together, and she was doing fantastic," added Caudy.

She says doctors also diagnosed her with a serious health issue.

"She had to have a lung biopsy she had cysts or something on her lungs, and they said if they would burst she would drown, and maybe that's what happened and they dumped her body, she said.

The Sheriff’s office says that preliminary investigations did not reveal an obvious cause of death.

The body was sent to Montgomery County morgue for an autopsy, according to the Sheriff’s office.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Madison Country Sheriff’s office at 740-852-1212.

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