Boat, Dining Room Set Among Items Dumped Along Fairfield County Road


There’s a dirty little secret lurking just beyond the sprawling farms and country homes along Duffy Road in Fairfield County.

Neighbors say they have seen everything from mattresses, sofas, and chairs dumped there. One person even threw away an entire dining room set.

They thought they had seen it all but were surprised once again.

"And when the boat showed up, we were very unhappy,” said Sharon Conkle.

Conkle said her backyard has become a dumping ground for people who don't want to pay to have their old appliances and furniture hauled off and disposed of properly.

“It does bring the property value down. Nobody wants to live, you know, where people are just dumping everything and anything,” said Conkle.

Now, the sheriff's office is increasing patrols along the road and citing offenders.

“And you wouldn't believe how many cases they make every year off of discarded garbage, when they find evidence of that owner inside,” said Sgt. Jared Collins.

Collins also said they are issuing fines.

“It costs them a lot of money, and a criminal record,” he added.

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office said anyone caught dumping along this road faces a third degree misdemeanor charge and a fine of up to $500 dollars.

Beyond the eyesore, Conkle said one man's trash is another man's accident waiting to happen.

“And then it's very dangerous at night and you're not expecting a boat being on that side of the road, you can cause an accident. It's really unsafe,” said Conkle.

That’s a road no one wants to go down.

The boat, which just appeared this week, will remain until the sheriff's office investigates.

Then, Berne Township which owns the road, will have to pay to remove and dispose of it.

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