Bo Jackson's sports facility opens in Hilliard

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A year-round commitment to your fitness can be a difficult goal, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities or are part of a warm weather team sport.

But a solution recently popped up right here in central Ohio. It's a first of its kind Columbus facility that brings summer inside for winter.

Fifteen-year-old Hilliard resident Jack Vellky is used to a lengthy travel baseball season followed by a long, weather-induced layoff from the sport he loves.

Those days may be over as Bo Jackson's Elite Sports facility in Hilliard aims to keep athletes fit and fundamentally sound when temperatures would normally have them sidelined.

The dome popped up off of Cosgray Road as a 114,000 square foot training facility. Essentially bringing summer indoors during the winter months and allowing for year-round training.

The dome will be home for football, baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse.

It's owner made his name as a two-sport professional star, and Bo knows this about today's athlete:

"Kids are playing too many games. And when they do that they're technique starts slipping", Jackson said from the facility recently.

Jack's father, Tim, hopes the facility is a game changer for local athletes who are at a disadvantage when competing regionally against teams from warm-weather parts of the country.

Leveling the playing field with year-round instruction is a good start, but not the end according to Bo, who wants to make sure the kids learn to be successful at something even if it is not their chosen sport.

Jack is looking forward to getting his swing at accomplishing that.