Blue Jacket Faithful Revved Up For Game 3

Blue Jacket Faithful Revved Up For Game 3
Blue Jacket Faithful Revved Up For Game 3

Tonight is the night.  

The Columbus Blue Jackets are looking for make history again by bringing home their first playoff win at Nationwide Arena.  The series is evened up at one game apiece as they take on the Pittsburgh Penguins.   

And even though they expect a sellout crowd tonight, the arena is making some tickets available, but you have to get up pretty early to get them to be a part of Blue Jacket history.

It takes a lot of patience on behalf of its fans.   Hour’s worth of patients for fans standing in line just to get a playoff ticket for tonight.  

Jason Watterly found himself first in line.   “I'm going.  I'm going to the game. Can't wait.”

And wait he will.  12 hours before the ticket office opens, and as soon as Jason arrived, other Blue Jacket fans began to show up as if the city was calling to them.    By daylight, you could sense something big was happening.

“Not many people get the opportunity to go to a game, especially at this price.  And it's something you don't want to miss,” says Blue Jacket fan David Diangelis.

250 tickets are available at $40 apiece.  That's why the line started so early.

Fans say they’re passing the time by sleeping, playing video games and playing on their phones.

One thing fans in line do know is that they're guaranteed a ticket for tonight.  But as more fans arrive, that guarantee becomes less and less. 

The first fans in line say the wait was worth it and they’re happy they started early.