Bloody Body Found In Flatbed Of Crashed Pickup Truck

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JACKSON COUNTY - An investigation is underway in Jackson County after a man is found dead and bloody in the back of a pickup truck, after that truck crashed and the driver fled.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is connecting two crime scenes and one fatality.

A house on South New York Avenue, in Wellston, is the center of an investigation. Deputies say a "serious crime" happened at the home, which is connected to a crash and a gruesome discovery in rural Jackson county.

Coalton Assistant Fire Chief, Chris Brown says he was one of the first responders on-scene. He says two pickup trucks collided head-on, at this portion of Diggs Road.

"Once we checked for pulse, and there was none, we never touched it. We covered the body with a sheet and waited on law enforcement," said Brown

He says the driver of one truck stayed there, while the driver of the other - the one with the body in it - fled.

"Less than a mile down the road. He was seen walking, actually, by our chief, and he attempted to stop him, unsuccessfully," says Brown.

Soon thereafter, Brown says the man was arrested.

Around the same time of the crash, Wellston police were called to this house. 

As it stands now, a visible trail of blood leads from the front door of the house to the car port, and Brown says the bloody body was found in the bed of the pickup truck.

Investigators still trying to figure out exactly what happened at the house, in connection to the crash.

Jackson County deputies say they have arrested a person of interest, on unrelated offenses, but have not yet charged him for this crime.

Deputies say they have also identified the man who was found dead, but aren't yet releasing his name until his family is notified.

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