Block Watch Captain Vows To Ramp Up Security After Rash Of Porch Thefts

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Columbus police say thieves are stealing items off of east side residents' porches and lawns.

Family members of an 87-year-old man told police that thieves snatched several items from his back yard.

The incident occurred on Monday in the 1800 block of Brentnell Avenue.

Victims said the crimes are happening in the morning hours, and the thieves work fast.

Items stolen include everything from lawn furniture, to grills and other property.

A neighbor said several lawn chairs were stolen from the side of her home the same day.

"We have so much stealing in this area," said Lorraine Anderson. "It's awful. You can't keep anything outside. They stole my flowers at one time, my lawn mower. I mean, I worked hard for those things, and somebody just came and took them and there's nothing else we can do."

Anderson said she is the block watch captain and plans to ramp up security efforts in the area.
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