Blizzard Bag Assignments Help Schools Save On Calamity Days


The Ohio Revised Code allows school districts to assign make-up assignments when they have used up their five calamity days.

They are commonly called "blizzard bags."

School districts may create alternative assignments that can be posted on its website for students to complete and return to school within two weeks.

If students do not have Internet access at home, they can ask their teacher for a paper copy of the assignment once they return to school. The state allows school districts to use this option for up to three days before being required to make-up any additional time.

The Olentangy Local School District is one district in central Ohio that has assignment online for its students.

Wednesday marks the seventh time the district has had to close school for bad weather.

That is two more than it's allotted.

Al Rodriguez has two daughters in the Olentangy Local School District.

He worked from home on Wednesday, alongside his girls.

Rodriguez’s daughter Alyssa is a sixth grader at Berkshire Middle School, and his daughter Averi is a second grader at Walnut Creek Elementary School.

Both of them had a full day's worth of class work.

"I had to do reading, writing, math and science,” said Averi Rodriguez, who is a second grader at Walnut Creek Elementary School.

"We have a website we have to go on to get our calamity day work and that is where I got all of this work from,” said Alyssa Rodriguez who is a sixth grade at Berkshire Middle School.

Students in the Olentangy Local School District can get the link to their online classwork on the homepage of the district's website.

In addition to the assignments students will find details on when the work is due.

"I don't know if we really thought about the volume of work but I think it's good. It keeps them sharp and it keeps their minds occupied,” said their father Alvero Rodriguez.

There are other school districts currently using "blizzard bags."

Hilliard City Schools sent a note home to parents to let them know its next calamity day would be the first alternate make-up plan day.

On Tuesday, Worthington Local schools sent a note home to parents to let them know its Curriculum and Professional Department is working to put together online assignments.