Blendon Township Residents Not Satisfied With Group Home Report


A murder in a Blendon Township park has made residents more vigilant.

Blendon Township residents spoke out about a report from Franklin County Children Services about group homes. FCCS ordered the report because a child in their custody who was living in a group home is accused in the deadly park attack.

The report is an effort to learn from tragedy.

In October, police say group home resident Jordan Stewart was unsupervised long enough to murder jogger Jane Juergens in a Blendon Township park.

As a result, people who live there have hoped for change on how group homes operate and how children are placed in those environments that offer a little more freedom. Some of the children might have criminal backgrounds.

The four Blendon Township residents who sat down with 10TV's Kristyn Hartman said the report is progress, but they were critical.

"Lack of accountability of providers," said resident John McGuire.

The residents claim to have witnessed issues with the group home provider in their neighborhood including major language barriers with employees.

"These kids would knock on my door saying these guys don't understand me," McGuire said.

10TV reported on other group homes. One of their residents' AWOL cases caused hundreds of police visits in one year.

The Blendon Township residents don't think the report adequately addresses that issue.

"There doesn't seem to be discussion about dealing with community: law enforcement…schools… all the other people who touch these kids," said McGuire.

"And they know we intend to watch and monitor. They know we're here," Blendon Township resident Joya Neff said.

The residents have a meeting with the FCCS director soon.

10TV's Kristyn Hartman will sit down with the director on Monday to discuss the report's progress and points of criticism.

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