Black Friday Shoppers Out Earlier Than Ever

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The line still stacks outside Toys R Us, hours before opening. This year, you can almost hear the teeth chattering.

"Yes, by far, the coldest. It's cold out here," said Lindsay Ferri. "Had to go out there a few minutes and put on my jeans because I was freezing."

For the most part, it's an experienced crowd. Black Friday shopping is an annual event and they've got it down to a science. They scour the flyers and target the hot items. Once the doors open, the race is on to get to them first.

At Walmart, customers are greeted by a jam packed parking lot, knowing the chaos that likely awaits inside.

"A cluster. It's gonna be a madhouse," said shopper Karen Evans

Malls opened a couple hours later but with much anticipation. The crowd built outside Macy's at Polaris and charged through as soon as the lock turned.

"Every year I come to Polaris. I live in West Virginia and I travel up here just to go to Black Friday shopping," said shopper Theresa Ferguson.