Bishop Ready Removes Cameras From Locker Rooms, Parent Still Upset


Parents are demanding change at a Columbus Catholic  high school  over the use of surveillance cameras in a boys locker room.

Bill Stover tells 10TV his family was one of three families at Bishop Ready High School that had considered a lawsuit against the school and the Catholic Diocese of Columbus.

He said the families dropped that plan after the school removed the cameras, but now he wants to see the principal and others removed.

"I could go on and on about the list of people who should not have their job for this,” Stover said.

Stover said he is fearful of retaliation by Bishop Ready administration for sitting down to talk with 10TV, but he said telling his story is something that needed to be done.

"They want to keep it ‘hush-hush’. They want to allow this principal to continue to be a principal,” he said.

Stover said his issue with Bishop Ready High School stems from the cameras that, until recently, were in his son's locker room. He says his son is a member of the wrestling team.

"I can't imagine what it's like for those kids, knowing they look up and there's a camera at that end and there's a camera at that end,” he said.

Bishop Ready principal Celine Seaman says the cameras were originally installed about fifteen years ago for safety and security reasons.

Seaman says the school checked with the proper authorities before installing the cameras and that there is an area out of the cameras’ sight where boys can change.

She claims she had never had an issue with them until this school year, but removed the cameras out of respect to the parents and their concerns.

"This has been going on fifteen years, are you kidding me? They're taping boys naked for fifteen years,” said Stover.

Stover says it is ridiculous to think the boys would leave their lockers to change in an assigned area of the locker room. He says the warning signage is not enough and that laws were being broken.

Stover says he is a devout Catholic and will continue to support the school, but wants change.

"Part of the problem with our religion is this condescending, 'We're better than that and we can cover up and hide it',” he said.
10TV left a voicemail with the Catholic Diocese of Columbus but did not get a returned phone call at the time of this report.

10TV is investigating whether these cameras were in fact in violation of the law while they were in the locker rooms.

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