‘Bird Lady’ Mourns Parrot Stolen By Boys Who Said That They Wanted To Buy

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Veronika Juettner’s home has been dubbed the “birdhouse.”

Juettner, who is called “the bird lady,” has been in the bird business for the past 20 years.

“I had a license and could go all over the state, but since my husband passed away, I can’t afford it,” Juettner said.

She thought nothing of it on Wednesday, when two boys knocked on her door and said that they were looking to purchase a bird.

“I said, ‘Come on in,’ and I brought them in, and we went straight out to the kitchen,” Juettner said.

Juettner said that while one of the boys was in the kitchen looking at birds, the other was in the living room. She said that by the time she came out to check on the other boy, she realized the lock on one of her bird cages has been removed.

“When I came back in, I said, ‘Oh my God,’ but I have problems with my legs, and I can’t go out and run,” Juettner said.

The “bird lady” said that the boy stole an “Eclectus,” a  kind of parrot that actually was her pet and was not for sale.

The bird was worth $900, but Juettner said that she was not worried about money.

“I never figured anything like this happening,” Juettner said.

She just hoped her precious bird would be returned to her.

Juettner said that she was not sure if she would continue to sell birds from her home.

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