Bill To Ban Bosses From Requiring Employees To Disclose Social Media Passwords


It doesn't take a trained eye to see how intertwined technology and students are these days.

Just about every person sitting in the Ohio State Union hall has either with a laptop, tablet, cellphone, or all three by their side.

Many of them, like OSU Senior Chellie Colbert, are constantly scanning social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Colbert says he is soon to embark into the working world and tells 10TV he guards his online activity carefully.

"My personal life is private for a reason," said Colbert. He is appalled to hear some employers are now taking it a step further.

Instead of just scouring the internet for a person's profile, as many employers currently do, a local lawmaker says some companies are asking prospective employees to hand over their user ID's and passwords.

"For me to just openly give you my password, what do you want next, the password to my bank account?" questioned Colbert.

State Representative Heather Bishoff is introducing a bill to stop this trend.

"It is so important to learn from what we're seeing and lightly put guard rails in place so that we can capture that potential and opportunity," said Representative Heather Bishoff. She represents the 20th district of Ohio, which includes Blacklick.

Bishoff recognizes the internet is still relatively new and says employers need to know their boundaries.

"There is no rule in place now. We're trying to prevent unfair practices from happening," said Bishoff.

Other students, including OSU Junior Emily Whang, who will soon be looking for a job, say that's important.

"A lot of college students, I'm sure, would do anything to get a job. If that's necessary, I think a bill would be good to protect the privacy of others," said Whang.

Rep. Bishoff says the bill does have one exception. It's for advisors in the financial industry, who, under federal rules, are required to give up that personal information out of responsibility to their clients.