‘Big Game’ To Bring Big Increase In Police Presence

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With the Ohio State University-Michigan game falling on a holiday weekend this year, law enforcement officials are stepping up their efforts.

Officials said that their hope is that fans will conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

The hope was to be put to the test on Tuesday night, when thousands of Ohio State University students planned to jump into Mirror Lake – a tradition that some students believe will guarantee a win over Michigan.

University officials said that they wished the unsanctioned tradition would end.

The vice president of student affairs sent a note to students on Tuesday encouraging students not to participate.

“The problem with the jump is that it’s dangerous,” the note said. “The water and the air are cold, meaning hypothermia is a significant risk.”

Columbus Division of Police Cdr. Chris Bowling said that officials have been cracking down on large crowds throughout the year.

“We’ve been making contact with parties the entire year if we see them getting overly large, overly loud, we stop in and say, ‘Tone it down, don’t make us come back and do something,’” Bowling said.

Dumpsters have been emptied in advance of the game to prevent fires.

Police said that they have enough officers to handle the crowds and do not expect issues of celebratory rioting like in previous years.

“We have no intelligence that people are going to do something,” Bowling said.

Despite the fact that a loss to Michigan would end a winning streak, police said that they hoped fans would keep safety in mind.

“Whether you like Michigan or whether you don’t like Michigan, whether you like Ohio State or you don’t like Ohio State, treat each other like you would like to be treated,”

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