Big Crocodile, Australian Animals Debut In Toledo

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A 17-foot crocodile, dingoes, wallabies and a green tree python are among more than 50 species of Australian animals that just debuted at the Toledo Zoo.
The Wild Walkabout exhibit opened this weekend and is attracting a crowd.
The biggest draw is Baru the crocodile, weighing in at 1,500 pounds. He hails from Australia, where he was captured for killing too many cows.
Jeff Sailer, executive director of the Toledo Zoological Society, says Baru is the largest saltwater crocodile in North America.
He traveled 30 hours at a cost of $90,000 to become the star attraction of the new exhibit.
Renovating the 12,000-foot solarium housing him cost about $900,000.
The Toledo Blade reports that the zoo had planned to feed burly Baru only chicken, but the croc refused. He now eats nothing but chuck-roast steaks.