Biden Rallies Voters In Lancaster


Vice President Joe Biden was campaigning in central Ohio 36 hours before voters would be going to the polls in the Buckeye State.

He told the packed house at Rushville Middle School that the Republican ticket was trying to project a different image as Election Day approached.

"Congressman Ryan and Governor Romney - they're running away so fast from everything they stood for, it's like a kid trying to outrun his shadow in the middle of the day," Biden said.

Biden also tried to reassure the crowd that with their help, the Obama administration would continue to work toward economic recovery.

"Folks, we need you. Together, we can win Ohio. And if we win Ohio, we win this election," Biden said.

His rally was also met with a protest. Romney supporters held an impromptu gathering across the street from the Democratic rally earlier Sunday evening. They signaled passing drivers to honk for Romney.

"If the cars driving by and the honks mean anything, we're going to win by 20 to one," Mark Rickepps said.

One Obama supporter took the demonstration in stride.

"I love that they were out. They have a right to be out. It was great to see them. They were having a lot of fun," Michael Ruby said.

President Obama and Mitt Romney were both scheduled to appear in central Ohio again on Monday.

Doors at Nationwide Arena for Obama's rally are supposed to open at noon.

Romney's campaign event at Landmark Aviation at Port Columbus International Airport is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

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