BIA Parade Of Homes Features Great Ways To Save Customers On Energy Costs


This week 10TV is showing you what you can see at the BIA Parade of Homes.

Throughout the 5,600 square-foot Bob Webb home, rich built-ins and lush décor are at every turn. But what Parade goers are not seeing is just how environmentally conscious this home really is.

Project Manager Tom Brown says they created an entire energy efficient packaged for this dream home.

"From the design criteria with the amount of windows, the use of windows, the energy efficiency as far as insulation packages, the furnace systems,” said Brown.

One big effort this year is to give homeowners the ability to become energy efficient in both existing homes and new builds. American Electric Power and Columbia Gas have partnered with the Parade this year to show you how much you can really do to cut back on energy usage.

"Energy efficiency is for all customers and you don't have to have a new home in order to participate. We have a lot of programs available to our customers that can help them manage their electricity bill, can help them be more energy efficient,” said Terri Flora, AEP Ohio Direction or Communications.

Also on the horizon is smart meter technology. The meters are advanced communication tools. Customers can see near real-time readings of their energy usage - giving them the ability to understand when they use the greatest amount of energy. It lets them control their usage effectively and ultimately save money. AEP homes to have approval for a network in Central Ohio in the near future.

"They can translate that to their kids coming home, a party at the house, and they're able to make better decisions to manage their electric bill from an energy efficiency standpoint, a usage standpoint, and money,” said Flora.

Cutting costs in your home and improving your energy efficiency can start with small projects. You can simply replace your existing light bulbs with high efficiency bulbs. Or recycle your old refrigerator or appliances when looking to upgrade those. You can also make simple changes to your storage spaces.

"If you're already own a home, possibly putting additional insulation in the attic. That's one way, that's the quickest, because heat rises."