Bi-Partisan Human Trafficking Bill Sails Through House

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It was a rare accomplishment when a bi-partisan bill sponsored by representative Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) on human trafficking was passed unanimously in the House last night.

The bill will make child sex trafficking easier to report.

It also makes it easier to dismiss prostitution charges against sex trafficking victims.

Beatty says human trafficking remains a major problem in Ohio.

"Ohio is the 5th leading state for human trafficking," said Beatty.  "So now, we're asking people to call in the tip line.  We think this makes it easier because when people see something they can say something."

The justice department says in 2011 nearly 1,100 Ohio children were sent into the sex trade.

"The current law makes the child not be the victim but the criminal," said Beatty.  "A child at the age of 8, or 9, or 10 can be considered a prostitute.  A child at that age is not aware what's happening.  This bill now allows us to insert the language child sex trafficking."

Beatty's bill now moves to the U.S. Senate where it's being sponsored by Republican Sen. Rob Portman, also from Ohio.