Bexley Native Josh Radnor Talks About Last Season Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

Bexley Native Josh Radnor Talks About Last Season Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

Bexley Native Josh Radnor Talks About Last Season Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

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Josh Radnor was back in central Ohio on Sunday, backstage at the Lincoln Theater, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Columbus Children's Theater.

"I feel I can't overstate how important this place was to me," said Radnor.

It's where he got his start in acting.

"Time is playing all sorts of tricks on me these days, I don't understand where it's gone," he added.

The local actor says his time on 'How I Met Your Mother' has been a blur, and he's delighted with its growing success over the years.

"It's kind of bittersweet, but it's also, you're ready for it to be over - because it's a long time to do one part and one thing. But at the same time, you've got to honor it and recognize how much all our lives changed because of it, and what a really amazing time it's been."

Josh plays Ted Mosby. The new season takes place over a 3-day wedding weekend, with an emphasis on getting to know his mother, who appeared for the first time last season.

"They've always played with time in really interesting ways. We're still going to flash forward and flash back and do all those fun 'How I Met My Mother' things."

Radnor says that complications ensue with everyone. He added that the season finale is extra special for the actors and the viewers.

"I feel in some ways, it rewards the viewer who has watched for eight years, because there's so many inside jokes and built-up things. There's a lot of wind in the sails of this story. It definitely will certainly go down as a special experience, and I know for the rest of my life, if people talk about my career, this is one of the things they will mention. I doubt this will get buried, I mean, maybe I'll do so much work that people will forget I was ever on this show; but right now it feels like something that people passionately care about, and it's a great thing to be a part of."

Radnor says they've already shot eight of the 24 episodes for the new season.

After this season, he hopes to shoot the third movie he's written and he also says he want to get back to acting on stage.