Beware: Thieves Lurk In Shadows Of Delivery Trucks


The Postal Inspector issued a warning on Tuesday for people sending and receiving holiday packages by mail – thieves could be lurking in the shadows of delivery trucks.

The Grinch may be a work of fiction, but Courtney Hodapp said that she knows there is the real thing, too.

“When this package was ordered, I got a notice that it had been delivered to my front door, and I thought that was peculiar,” Hodapp said. “I love my neighborhood, but I know it can be a little sketchy sometimes, so I rushed home from worth within 45 minutes and the package was gone.”

A delivery driver brought a package valued at several hundred dollars to Hodapp’s doorstep, but she never got it.

“I probably spent six hours over the course of that afternoon and evening trying to find these package, and it really takes your holiday spirit out of you and makes you feel a little unsafe in your home, unfortunately,” Hodapp said.

Police said that savvy thieves will even follow UPS or FedEx drivers and steal packages minutes after they’re delivered.

The Postal Inspector said that to keep holiday packages safe and out of the wrong hands, consider having the deliver hold the packages for pick-up.

If possible, request that the packages be delivered to workplaces and always receive a tracking number.

For a little extra money, consumers can also send packages via Certified mail, meaning the person receiving the package must sign for it.

Hodapp said that she will not let a Grinch get her again.

“Make sure that they’re either safely put in the back in my locked backyard or at the facility where I can pick them up later,” Hodapp said.

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