Better Business Bureau Warns Of Paving Company Scam

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A scam victim recently talked to 10TV about the two men that showed up as his door.

The victim, who did not want to be identified, agreed to pay Titan Sealcoating $800 to seal his driveway.

When he told them he was dissatisfied with the job they did, they had another offer. They wanted $4,000 to replace the driveway, with more than half the money up front.

“After I gave him the check, he shook hands with me, which where I'm from, your handshake is as good as your word. And that didn't happen,” said the victim.

The workers immediately cashed the check. He knows that because his bank called him to make sure the check was real.

“And I told them I had wrote the check and to go ahead and cash it,” the victim said.

That was the last he saw of Titan Sealcoating.

“Well, the name Titan Sealcoating is the name of the day, today, but that could change tomorrow,” said Joan Coughlin of the Central Ohio BBB.

The Better Business Bureau gives Titan Sealcoating, and its owners Archie and Sam Marks, an F grade.

Coughlin says there are many driveway companies out there just like them.

"These individuals are thieves. They're stealing people's money, and what's more heartbreaking is they're targeting senior citizens,” said Coughlin.

Consumer 10 called Titan Sealcoating.

A man named Archie answered but said he is not Archie Marks from Titan Sealcoating. He's Archie from Evans Paving in Cleveland. He said his company does commercial parking lots, not neighborhood driveways.

He denied taking the victim’s $2,500, laughed, and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The BBB says there are some things that should raise red flags with asphalt companies.

•             Door-to-door contractors
•             Claims of leftover asphalt from another job
•             Unmarked vehicles
•             Pushing you to make a quick decision
•             Cash-only sales.

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