Better Business Bureau: Scammers Use Bluetooth Connection To Hack Into Phones

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The Better Business Bureau is warning people against scammers who hack into phones with a bluetooth connection.

Scammers use special software to intercept your Bluetooth signal and hack into your phone.

Thieves can listen in remotely through the microphones in phones, track people in real time using GPS technology in their handsets, “Bluejack" phones and download contacts and other information wirelessly.

The Better Business Bureau says to protect yourself, always use a minimum of eight characters in your pin, switch Bluetooth into “not discoverable” mode when you're not using it, and do not accept pairing requests from unknown parties.

When pairing your device for the first time, do so at your home or office and make sure to download and install regular security updates.

Scammers will set up pay-per-minute phone numbers, then hack into a large number of phones in a busy public area, use the hacked phones to call the pay-per-minute number and make a lot of money in a short period of time.

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