Bengals, Dalton Reach Six-Year, $115M Extension Deal


CBS SPORTSAndy Dalton said last week that he was "confident" he would get a new deal with the Bengals and on Monday, that's exactly what happened. The two sides agreed on a six-year, $115 million contract, reports CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora.

La Canfora adds that Dalton and the Bengals are hammering out minor details but every expectation is that the former second-round pick, who had one year left on his rookie contract, will sign the contract Monday. The Bengals also want to extend wide receiver A.J. Green and linebacker Vontaze Burfict, two young standouts still playing on their rookie deals.

As for the structure of Dalton's new contract, La Canfora says it will include limited fully guaranteed figures, and it will allow the Bengals to pay as they go more or less on a yearly basis. Owner Mike Brown was a big proponent of that structure from the deal the 49ers struck with their young quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

The details of the deal will be critical, but on paper, Dalton's contract is similar to the seven-year, $126.7 million deal the Bears gave Jay Cutler in January. Is Dalton worth that much? He's 30-18 as a starter (and 0-3 in the postseason) while Cutler, by comparison, is 56-48 during his career (and 1-1 in the playoffs).

More importantly, Dalton has the support of Green, the offense's best player.

"That's my guy," he said of Dalton in July. "He helped me where I am. I helped him and we took the Bengals to a different level. The Bengals were losing a lot before we came. I feel like we turned it around. I know they know he's the guy. ... I feel like they're going to get something done before the season starts.”

One of the knocks against Dalton, who has helped the Bengals to three straight playoff appearances is that he doesn't show up for the biggest games, a notion Green disputes.

“A lot of people give him crap about not winning a playoff game, but we've made the playoffs the last three seasons,” Green said. “We've won 10 or more games (twice). Playoff games …we're still young. I feel like we're going to win them, it just takes time.”

The coaches also have Dalton's back.

"Andy's done a fine job for us," coach Marvin Lewis said during the offseason. "We all want to be better. Once he does that, all of that will go away. He's being compared with Drew Brees, he's being compared with [Aaron] Rodgers, guys who didn't get a chance to play right away. They sat and watched. We threw Andy in right away. He's done a really good job."

And first-year offensive coordinator Hue Jackson added: "He's on the cusp of something really good. ... The key to being a quarterback in the National Football League No. 1 is winning, and he has that trait. No. 2 is being able to win the big games. Obviously, that's the hump that we're trying to get over. The guy has the makeup to do it."

With this latest contract, owner Mike Brown clearly agrees.