BEHIND THE SCENES: Columbus Traffic Center Keeps You Moving

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Every day during rush hour, 10TV reports on problem areas that slow you down.

While 10TV is informing the public, a group of people is working to get the vehicles moving again.

The city of Columbus has a new and improved traffic management center.

“We've improved it with graphic capabilities, our operators have better computer capabilities,” said Patricia Austin, Division of Planning and Operations Administrator.

One of the major improvements is the ability to change traffic signal times at various intersections in the city. For example, if there's a back-up on either Morse Road or Cleveland Avenue, the center can fix that with a click of a button.

“Special events - it will help with that, and during emergency management for our snow services, which we never could before,” explains Austin.

Austin says also there’s a new is “Warrior Watch.”  It’s a system that lets operators inside the traffic center keep tabs on snow plow movement in real time.

“The dispatchers can watch what's going on. They can see if areas have been missed and they can re-deploy to fill those gaps,” explained Austin.

The goal is to make roads more safe and passable.

Plus, as more fiber optics and wireless signals are installed, those who work here will have a better view outside with better traffic cameras.

“You can see the High at Lane one is a little bit more difficult to see, some of our other ones are difficult to see. That's 25 year old technology, so we will be upgrading those to the newest technology,” explained Austin.

By 2018, the city says they will be able to control 1,000 traffic signals across the city from the traffic management center.

It's all part of the city's $38 million plan to get you moving more quickly on Columbus roads.