Bed Bugs Found At Groveport Elementary School


Some parents said they were worried that their children might bring home bed bugs from school.

Students were sent home with notes stating that bed bugs had been found in the school 10TV's Tanisha Mallett reported.

"It's concerning because you don't want to get that infestation in your home," parent Tracey Swinehart said.

Since the bugs were found, students were instructed to wrap their book bags and jackets while they were at school.

"I heard about the wrapping of the bags but I didn't know what it was for," said DeAnna Hoshor, parent.

Representatives from Groveport Madison Local Schools said that bags and jackets were instructed to be wrapped because bed bugs were found in one classroom two weeks ago.

Groveport Madison Local Schools Director of Student Services Richard Playko said that the classroom was treated.

"We had a hit at one place and they took care of it with the chemicals that they have and took care of it," Playko said.

Playko said that they continued to bag student bags and jackets as a precaution until Monday.

"Yesterday we found a bed bug in a non-academic area," Playko said.

A note was sent home to all parents about the finding.

"I keep my son home if he had a sore throat, or a cough or anything or the flu so it doesn't spread to anyone else," said Hoshor. "I don't know why they wouldn't inform you earlier for bed bugs."

The district said that the Franklin County Health Department had been on site and there was no infestation.

The building will be treated for the bugs Wednesday afternoon, after school has been dismissed.

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