Beatty Says Columbus Crucial To Host '16 Democratic Convention

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Rep Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) says Mayor Michael Coleman was right to warn the Democratic National Committee earlier this week that if they don’t choose Columbus to host its 2016 convention, it could put Ohio at risk.  The Buckeye state is considered a “must win” in presidential elections.

"I think I like what our mayor said," said Beatty.  "I think it is very, very crucial.  To not pick Ohio would be a mistake.  To not come to Columbus, because when you look at our track record with electing presidents, when you look at Ohio has done, we always say we make presidents."

Earlier this week Coleman warned his fellow Democrats that not choosing his city could jeopardize the state in the November election.

"The Republicans are going to be in Cleveland, and that's going to unfortunately have an impact on Ohio that might influence this race," said Coleman.

10TV spoke to former governor Ted Strickland on Thursday who also agreed with Coleman.

"I think the Democrats, if they are wise, will choose Columbus," said Strickland.

Beatty says the fact Republicans are headed to Cleveland should help - not hurt - the Columbus effort to land the Democrats.

"I think it would be exciting because we've not had in recent history both parties to be in the same state," said Beatty.  "I think it would garner a lot of attention."

The last time both parties held a convention in the same state was 1972 when both chose Miami, Florida.

Beatty says she is busy lobbying fellow members of the Democratic National Committee prior to their preliminary visit to Columbus in August.

"I applaud the RNC for picking Cleveland and I certainly - as a former and current DNC member - would like to see us do the same by coming to my district and hometown."