BCI To Review Handling Of Sen. Kris Jordan Domestic Case


An investigation is under way into the Delaware County Sheriff's Office and its handling of a July domestic case involving State Sen. Kris Jordan and his wife.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation is handling the inquiry, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

The probe stems from a July 11 incident at the Jordan family home in Delaware County.

The senator's wife, Melissa Jordan, called 911 and said that her husband was drinking and had pushed her around.  

While no charges have been filed in the case, a dash camera mounted inside an officer's cruiser recorded Melissa Jordan telling authorities that her marriage turned violent two years ago, Frazer reported.

"I'm sick of being scared, but I don't want anything to happen to him," she said.

An officer asked if she had been hit, and Melissa Jordan said "No."

"He pushed me around," she said.

"As far as push you around, as in how?" the officer asked.

"Pushed? Pushed? I don't know what you mean by that.   He pushed me around. He pushed me under the bed. He pushed me over," she said.

Inside the home and out of the dash camera's view, Kris Jordan can be heard disputing his wife's claims.

"She got all upset, but girls do that," he said.

The Jordans issued a statement on Thursday that said, "We have put this matter behind us. We're grateful for the love and encouragement of so many people at this time."

However, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office is now under investigation for how it handled the case.

Records show that a lieutenant ordered the labeling of the report changed from domestic dispute to disorderly conduct, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

But, after the same lieutenant reviewed the dash cam video, he ordered that domestic violence be re-added to the report and passed it along the Delaware County Prosecutor's Office for review.

After the incident on July 11, records show Kris Jordan called deputies involved with the case several times.  One of the deputies wrote that "Jordan did state that he felt as if Sheriff (Walter) Davis was out to ruin his political career." 

Kris Jordan, 34, has been in politics for nearly a decade and was elected to the state senate last November.

Davis refuted that claim on Thursday, saying he was comfortable with how his agency handled the investigation.

The sheriff said the truth will come out, and he did nothing wrong.

"I am totally comfortable and confident that members of my office have operated in the right manner," he said.

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