Baking Flour Bombs Hitting Motorists On The Roads


Motorists are now expecting the unexpected on roads around Blacklick –“ Flour Bombing.”

Drivers tell 10TV they are being hit by baking flour.  It is a dangerous prank and when the flour goes flying, it is causing quite the mess.

“It wasn't a light hit. It was a pretty substantial hit to the car,” said Blacklick resident Denise Morgan.

In daylight, the coating of flour fades into the white shimmer of Morgan’s car paint, but Thursday night, when Morgan was driving down the road, she says what hit her car left a lasting impression.

“It's extremely loud. You have no idea what just happened. You're slamming on the brakes, you're trying to figure out what's going on,” said Morgan.

Morgan says someone threw a bag of flour at her car while she was driving along Waggoner Road.

The remnants of flour and the bag can still be seen on the road.  

“I'm irritated. I'm annoyed. I'm angry. You know, I don't damage anybody's stuff. I don't want anybody damaging my things,” said Morgan.

A mile down the road, a neighbor tells 10TV he heard the screeching of tires last week and looked onto Waggoner road.   He says he saw a car covered in flour.  

After speaking with people gathered there, he said he learned of another incident that had happened a week earlier.

“I get so angry because it could be so much worse.  There's a drainage ditch. There's a guard rail. There are cars. We worry about deer out here, and instead, you're watching kids throwing things at your car,” said Morgan.

Morgan says the minute the flour hit her car, she went back to find the culprits and saw two teens run away into a nearby subdivision.  

Now, she wants them caught.

“It's not just me, it's not isolated. It seems like it's going on all the time, it seems like.  I just wish it wouldn't,” said Morgan.

Franklin County detectives say they don't yet know who's throwing this flour.  They say someone has been throwing rocks at windshields within the past few weeks in the same area.

In fact, they say one deputy's cruiser had its front window smashed by a rock.

Call your local law enforcement if you know who is committing any of these crimes.

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