Badly Beaten Woman Wants Police To Arrest The Father Of Her Child


A Columbus woman is desperate for police to put the man, who fathered her 3 year old son, behind bars. She says he nearly beat her to death on Mother's Day and continues to taunt her.

The woman says 32-year-old Lamont Bradley continually tries to reach her by phone, text, and even Facebook.

She fears what'll happen next if he finds her and hopes police get to him first.

“Every night I got to go to sleep and re-live what he did to me, and be in pain,” said victim, Teasha Jenkins.

Jenkins is in pain from a brutal beating, that nearly took the 33-year-old’s life.

She says she was home, at the time, when the father of her child recorded her conversation about him.

“He's changed. He's not the person that I met 8 years ago and that's why I left him alone, but he couldn't let go,” said Jenkins.

She says Bradley confronted her about what she said, and when she threatened to leave, he became violent.

“He started punching me in the face and when I fell to the floor from him hitting me so hard in my face, he shattered my whole cheek bone,” said Jenkins. “I thought he was kicking me, but I never knew he was hitting me with a metal pole until he finally stopped and I seen blood all over the wall.”

Jenkins says, if it wasn't for her family coming to the rescue and finding her in a bathroom, she questions whether she would have ever made it out alive.

“I thought I was going to die in the bathroom. I thought I was going to bleed to death, but all I could do is pray,” said Jenkins.

A long and emotional road to recovery, for a young woman who's been through so much.

“All I want to be, is at peace (by) him being caught, so I can quit living in fear,” said Jenkins.

Bradley is wanted by police for kidnapping and felonious assault.

If you've seen him or know where he is, call police. 

if you, or someone you knows, needs help from domestic violence, visit the Ohio Domestic Violence Resource Center