Baby Couldn’t Wait, Born In Front Of Columbus Hospital

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The newest Grandview Heights resident was not born in the hospital, but it was close.

Brooke Tuttle went to OSU Wexner Medical Center at 4 a.m. Friday with labor pains, but nurses sent her home because her labor was not progressing fast enough.

Five hours later, Brooke told her husband Josh that they better go back to the hospital.

She realized they did not have time to park the car, so they got in the line for valet parking. Josh jumped out to grab a wheelchair and get help.

“It happened so quickly.  I knew we weren't going to have time to park. I couldn't really walk.  I had that pushing urge,” said Brooke Tuttle. “Like literally, I knew that it was happening. I think I was yelling ‘I need an ambulance’ as I was in the hospital driveway.”

Someone called a Code Blue emergency, and doctors and nurses poured out of the hospital.

By that time, the baby was born and on the seat of the car next to her mother.

The baby girl is healthy, but she does not have a name yet.

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