Avoiding Heat Exhaustion For Adults

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Staying cool in the summer can be difficult, but is important for adults to do.

While it's usually cool in the morning, by afternoon the summer heat can take its toll.

Heat illnesses can happen easily if you're not careful.

part of deciding to Commit to be Fit, is to know when you've had enough, so if it gets too hot: get inside and drink plenty of water.

And while a cold beer may sound good on a hot day,doctors say alcohol and heat don't mix.

Dr. Teresa Long, a Columbus Health Commissioner says, "in fact, a cold beer, alcoholic beverage during this very hot time of day, is really not the smartest thing.  It can actually dehydrate you so absolutely water. 

Non-alcoholic beverages are the most important, and again, if you're exercising a lot, 16 to 32 ounces, that's two to four glasses an hour."

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