Authorities Catch Criminals On The Run With Help From 10TV Viewers


An effort to catch fugitives on the run is working thanks to 10TV viewers.

CrimeTracker 10 features the face of a wanted fugitive every Monday.

Some featured criminals are wanted for violent crimes like robbery, sexual battery and vehicular homicide while others are wanted for failing to register as a sex offender.

Of the nine fugitives aired by CrimeTracker 10, three either surrendered or were arrested in less than two months.

“That’s about as good as we can hope to do on any given day with the way people move around and out of state and everything,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Jeff Valentine said.

Valentine is with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Squad. He said that he was pleased with the 30-percent success rate, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

His teams go out every morning searching for more than 8,000 people with outstanding warrants in Franklin County.

Thanks to viewer tips, people like Render Dixon Jr. are back behind bars. Dixon was wanted for aggravated robbery, kidnapping and felonious assault.

“Actually, we got a small tip on one of them and by us doing surveillance, we got to talking with people who knew him and they gave us more info,” Valentine said. “It's a snowball effect and it's great.”

Two others featured on the fugitive list surrendered themselves the very same day CrimeTracker 10 aired their photos.

“Life on the run isn’t glamorous,” Valentine said. “Now that their face is plastered everywhere, they don’t want to run. They just want to get it over with.”

There are still more fugitives on the run that need to be caught.

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