Aunt: Children Told To Leave School After District Said They Did Not Prove Residency


Family members said that they provided the Westerville City School District everything it needed for their children to attend.

Just more than a month ago, a teacher sent the siblings home with all of their books and told them that they could not go to school anymore.

Elay-Jan, 8, and Anthony, have attended Mark Twain Elementary School since last school year.

The children’s aunt, Audrey Kellum, said that the children and their mother transferred into the district last year when they moved in with the children’s grandmother.

“We were told that the school kept getting letters saying it needed proof of residence and that they couldn’t go to school,” Kellum said. “We went down to the enrollment center, and everything that they needed us to do, we did.”

Westerville City Schools officials said that anyone who proves that they legally reside in the district will not be turned away.

“The Westerville City School District does not offer open enrollment, and officials go to great lengths to protect the resources provided by our community,” the district said in a statement.

According to the district, 103 students who were illegally enrolled in the district were identified last year, and the districts saved more than $1 million in resources.

Kellum said that her family has provided proof and has no idea what else they need to do.

“That wasn’t good enough or you, what else do we need to do?” Kellum said. “These kids need to be in school.”

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