Auditor’s Office To Start Billing Columbus Schools For Special Audit


Taxpayers will pay for a special audit into alleged attendance and grade tampering at the Columbus City School District.

The investigation, spearheaded by State Auditor Dave Yost, is not over and likely will cost more.

Yost confirmed to Watchdog 10 on Wednesday that his office plans to start billing the Columbus City School District for a special audit that now is under way.

“Up until now, the entire audit has been paid for through the Ohio Department of Education,” Yost said.

Yost said that his office has billed the department of education more than $400,000 for the statewide investigation.

The initial statewide investigation found problems with data reporting in five Ohio school districts, including Columbus.

“We had to sever Columbus public schools because of the criminal nature of a couple of the things that are going on as well as the addition of the grade-changing element, which hadn’t been there before,” Yost told Watchdog 10.

Yost said that the audit into the other school districts is slated to wrap up by the end of the year, but Yost said that there still is more digging to do with the Columbus City School District.

Investigators have said that students have disappeared from attendance roles and grades have been changed from Fs to Ds.

Yost said that it will begin charging the district $41 per hour per investigator beginning immediately.

It has been reported that the district has plans to spend an additional $275,000 for legal counsel.

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