Auditor: Columbus Company Fraudulently Took More Than $1 Million From Medicaid

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Total Home Healthcare operates from the eastside of Columbus and promises quality health services.

The Ohio Auditor now says the quality is lacking.

“All kinds of things there, from lack of documentation to actually people that weren't qualified to be doing the service going out there and doing the service,” said Dave Yost, Ohio State Auditor.

Yost said the company could not provide time sheets to document the Medicaid services they had been paid for.

Total Home also sent workers to provide nursing services who had no training to do so, according to authorities.

“Imagine if it was your family or your loved one who needed a particular procedure done and the person who showed up isn't even qualified to do it,” added Yost.

The audit discovered more than $445,000 in overpayments for personal care aides and another million dollars in overpayments for home health aides, for a total of nearly $1.5 million. Yost said the company has been uncooperative.

"We always want to find the truth.  That's what this is about.  So talking to them, getting their side of the story is an integral part of that.  When they declined to talk to us, I guess that kind of says its own story, doesn't it?" said Yost.

A manager of the company told Watchdog 10 that the company is trying to find the documentation to respond to the auditor. 

They promised a written statement to Watchdog 10 but have not sent it.

The auditor said the money should be repaid and that it's up to $1.6 million after accumulating interest at $325 a day. 

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